What is Japandi?

Japanese and Scandinavian hybrid design

Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design. It combines simple Nordic functionality with elegant and calming Japanese aesthetics.

Both Scandinavian and Japanese design styles are minimalist, focusing on using space wisely and reducing clutter. However, they also have notable differences. Design trends in Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway, are typically sleek and modern. Japanese design is often traditional, emphasizing detail and craftsmanship.

While Scandinavian design is often clean and simple, some find it too simplistic, bordering on sterile and lifeless. Japanese design may be beautiful and calming, but some find it overly-traditional and not sleek or stylish. Japandi takes the most admired traits of each style and fuses them into a shared aesthetic.

You might say Japandi is "just right," or lagom as they say in Sweden, or cho-do-ee, as they say in Japan.


The room has a Japandi design with rice paper walls, Danish lights, and Swedish furniture
Japandi design with Japanese and Scandinavian elements
Japandi design with Japanese and Scandinavian elements

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Updated February 10, 2021

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