What is SEO?

Search engine optimization

SEO is the concerted effort to optimize content so a search engine will rank it better. Typically, SEO refers to the optimization of websites ranked in SERPs by a search engine, such as Google or Bing, but it may also apply to the rankings of other content, including videos published online (like YouTube) and products for sale on an e-commerce platform (like Amazon).

There are many SEO strategies for optimizing content. Some include modifying content to be more helpful and include more keywords, adjusting page titles, adding meta tags, generating inbound links, reducing the bounce rate, and improving page loading times.

As search engine algorithms evolve, so do SEO strategies. For example, Google may update its algorithm to favor longer articles in your field of expertise, so your SEO focus may be on writing longer articles to rank better for related queries.

Who uses SEO?

Most people who use the SEO term are SEO professionals, web administrators, and online content producers. They typically use it as they analyze and discuss webpage performance in person or online in forums or the comments section of an SEO-related article.

NOTE: Some people also use SEO to refer to a "Search Engine Optimizer" employment position focusing solely on a site's SEO. For example, "Robert is our new SEO."


My website could really use some SEO – it doesn't show up on the first page of any Google searches I do!
Make sure you focus on Google's guidelines and provide helpful content for your area of expertise!
Tweet about best SEO practices
Tweet about best SEO practices

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Updated October 10, 2022

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