What does LMGTFY stand for?

Let me Google that for you

Forum posters use LMGTFY to mean "let me Google that for you." When you receive this acronym in response to a question, it means you could have answered the question yourself with a Google search.

Typically, forum posters use LMGTFY to signal that your "simple" question has "wasted" their time. ("Why, oh why, would you ask questions on an Internet forum?," they will cry.) Those who are feeling generous may follow up LMGTFY with a link to related Google search results. Those who are feeling saucy will instead include a link to LMGTFY.com - a website that teaches you how to Google things.


What is the capital of Japan?
LMGTFY - https://lmgtfy.app/?q=what+is+the+capital+of+japan
An IRL LMGTFY moment
An IRL LMGTFY moment

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Updated May 3, 2022

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