What is a joneser?

A person born between 1954 and 1964

A Joneser is a person who is part of Generation Jones, which means they were born between roughly 1954 and 1964. Jonesers are often grouped with boomers since they were born during the latter half of the Baby Boom Generation.

The Joneser Generation typically refers to Americans, and other countries considered part of the Western world but may apply to citizens of other countries during this period. The name comes from the "keeping up with the Joneses" phrase, which refers to neighbors' competitiveness in outranking each other's social class. Many Jonesers did not experience as many economic opportunities as older boomers did due to more prevalent hardships as they came to age, thus the "keeping up with the Jones" sentiment toward older boomers.

Jonesers also grew up with television and were largely too young to participate in the political and social revolutions that defined older boomers but dealt with the threat of nuclear war and HIV/AIDS. They are typically kids of the GI Generation or radio babies, parents of Gen Xers and millennials, and grandparents to the Alpha Generation (alphas).


I didn't realize that my parents are actually Jonesers, not boomers
That makes sense since they have such different adolescent experiences compared to their older siblings

Joneser and his older boomer siblings

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Updated March 24, 2023

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