What does LA mean in messages and online?

Laughing a lot

While many people use "LA" to refer to the Los Angeles area of California, they may also use it to mean "laughing a lot" in messages. For example, if your sister shares a funny meme, you might respond, "OMG, la. That's perfect! Where'd you find that?"

You will most likely see LA (or la) in messages, but people may also use it online on social media. For example, if someone posts a funny story on Twitter, a follower may reply with, "LA. My kid is the same way!"

Since LA is obscure compared to other acronyms and abbreviations for laughing, most people will not understand what "LA" means in the conversation's context (they may think you are singing "la la la..."). Therefore, choose another option for communicating laughter, such as haha, LOL, or LMAO.


You're funny - la right now
Thx. :-)

That wonderful LA feeling

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Updated April 25, 2023

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