What does LLOL stand for?

Literally laughing out loud

Let's face it: Most people who use the LOL acronym are not actually laughing out loud. Those who use the acronym LLOL, however, are "literally laughing out loud." (Also, they are not liars, like all those LOL users.)

Some say LLOL originated when an online chat user mistyped LOL, because they were laughing so very hard. The user attempted to disguise their mistake by saying the extra L stood for "literally." Chatters and texters have been using LLOL to mean "literally laughing out loud" ever since.


That was so funny, I am LLOL right now
Aren't you in a meeting?
LLOL means "literally laughing out loud"
LLOL means "literally laughing out loud"

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Updated October 28, 2021

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