What does STFW mean online?

Search the flippin' web


STFW is a modernized version of RTFM, which people send to tell others to look for answers on their own instead of relying on others. Also, people typically use it when someone is seeking information they can easily find on their own by performing a basic web search, but they are too lazy or inept to do it on their own (thus the "F" part).

For example, if a person complains about not knowing how to change a headlight on his car, a friend may message back "STFW!" when he knows plenty of tutorial articles and videos are available. Or, a novice computer user may post in a forum about not knowing how to clear their web browser's cache and cookies, and another user replies, "It's so simple. Just stfw."


maybe you should stfw first if you want to know
geez, ok

Time to stfw

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Updated December 4, 2023

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