What does LOOGY stand for in baseball?

Left-handed One Out Guy

LOOGY is a baseball acronym that stands for "Left-handed One Out Guy," which is a left-handed relief pitcher that typically comes into a game to pitch to one batter. The acronym is commonly used in MLB, but may also be used on the minor league, collegiate, and high school levels.

The acronym was created by American baseball writer John Sickels as a shorthand alternative to "Lefty specialist," which is also still commonly used. The left-handed pitcher is usually called upon to face left-handed batters or weak right-handed batters because of the advantage of their left-handed pitch delivery.

The LOOGY strategy is a polarizing approach because of the effects it has on the flow of the game. Many fans complain about it because it considerably slows the pace and leads to drawn-out games. MLB realized this effect and created a rule (beginning in the 2020 season) that a pitcher must face at least three batters or complete the inning.

NOTE: The acronym is pronounced the same way as "Loogie."


I'm excited for the Lopez signing
He's effective but it's too much money for a LOOGY
A left-handed relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals ball club
A left-handed relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals ball club

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Updated November 20, 2019

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