What does looksmatch mean?

Matching the attractiveness of another person

Looksmatch is when a person matches the physical attractiveness of the person they are intimate with, whether they are hooking up or in a relationship. Most intimate relationships include looksmatched individuals, although it is not required for them to be successful.

For example, a relationship may involve a person who is much more attractive than their partner (not looksmatched), but it still works (often, a female is more attractive in these types of heterosexual relationships). However, these are typically anomalies, and individuals outside the relationship will likely point out and obsess over the discrepancy.

Origin of looksmatch

The exact origin of looksmatch is unclear, but the incel community popularized it on social media to examine heterosexual relationships in the late 2010s. It then garnered mainstream popularity in the early 2020s, especially on Reddit and X (formerly Twitter).


Brian and Lissa are an odd pairing
Yeah, they aren't looksmatched at all
Maybe he has a great personality
Or ... he's just rich
Looksmatch comment on X
Looksmatch comment on X

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Updated May 10, 2024

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