What does LOTV stand for?

Legacy of the Void

StarCraft 2 players use LotV as shorthand for Legacy of the Void, the second SC2 expansion pack. Blizzard released LotV in November 2015, roughly two years after the release of the Heart of the Swarm (HotS) expansion.

In LotV's single-player campaign, players follow Protoss protagonist Artanis, as he sets out to reclaim the Protoss homeworld from the Zerg Swarm and defeat Amon. LotV also introduced a variety of new SC2 units and changes to multiplayer gameplay.


Did you like the LotV campaign?
Eh, the story felt too much like a fantasy story. Gameplay was good though
LotV's box art
LotV's box art

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Updated September 19, 2023

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