Mag has 2 meanings
1. What is mag short for in regard to firearms?

Firearm magazine

A mag is a cartridge that stores ammunition (ammo) for a firearm, such as an assault rifle (AR). Military personnel, gun enthusiasts, and gamers typically use the mag abbreviation.

An example of when you might see mag is when an FPS gamer laments losing a battle in CoD because their mag was out of ammo. Or, a soldier may complain about their gun jamming in a training exercise due to a poorly loaded mag.


I'm all out of mags. Can you spare one?
Yep, but these are my last two

Loading a mag for a firearm

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Updated January 16, 2023
2. What is a mag?


Mag is an abbreviation for "magazine," which is a periodical publication (printed or digital). Mags vary widely from academics to entertainment to hobbies.

You will likely see people use mag via texts or messages when asking if someone read a particular article in a mag or if they have online access to the digital publication of the mag. Examples of popular mags include Time, AARP, National Geographic, People, and Sports Illustrated.


I subscribe to five monthly mags on my Kindle
Nice. I don't subscribe to any mags

Homer subscribes to the "Gravy Aficionado" mag

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Updated January 16, 2023

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