What does mald mean?

Mad and bald

Mald means "mad and bald." Twitch users, especially, like to use the term mald to poke fun at bald or balding streamers when they get angry at a game they're playing.

While the word mald was first submitted to Urban Dictionary in 2011, it began appearing on Twitch regularly in 2019. Fans of the streamer forsen often spammed the phrase "So bad, so mad!" in the streamer's chat, and after a series of misspellings, the phrase eventually mutated into "So bald, so mald!"

Soon after, Twitch chat began using the term mald by itself, without any reference to the phrase that spawned it. Members of Twitch chat may also say a streamer is "malding" if the streamer is both mad and balding (or also, when a streamer is so angry they're pulling out their hair).


Bald Streamer: What the heck? I can't believe I lost that game!
Chatter 1: So mad
Chatter 2: So bald
Chatter 3: So mald

One of the world's most prominent mald men

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Updated November 11, 2020

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