What is spam?

Unhelpful and annoying content

Spam is unhelpful, unsolicited content, which is often sent to unsuspecting users via email. Spam content may also be sent via text messages and overwhelm and annoy users on websites.

Email is one of the primary ways that people encounter spam. Businesses often send spammy emails to get users to purchase something. The users most likely signed up on an emailing list via a website form then was bombarded with spammy emails.

Users may also receive spam emails that include links to malware or phishing sites or malicious file attachments. Due to the rise in spam, most email clients provide spam-detection capabilities that filter spam into a folder separate from a user's inbox.

Users may be sent spam by bots through text messages. This unsolicited content may prompt the user to click a link to a website in order to get him or her to purchase something.

When a website is poorly designed and contains a lot of annoying ads and links, it may be categorized as spammy. These sites are typically just trying to get visitors to click on links and/or trick them into purchasing a product or service.


I banned him from my comp after he opened some spam and downloaded a virus
An example of malicious spam
An example of malicious spam

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Updated December 16, 2020

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