What is Mar10 short for?

Mario Day

Mar10 is Mario Day (March 10th), which celebrates all things related to Mario, Nintendo's headlining video game character. The day itself has no significance regarding the history of Mario, just that it spells out "Mario" when you combine an abbreviation of March ("Mar") and the date (10).

You will likely see fans celebrating the day on social media with "#Mar10" posts. Some examples include people sharing Mario fan art, screen captures of gamers playing a Mario-related game, and fans cosplaying as the character (most likely with a terrible Mario accent). Trendjacking video game retailers also get in on the fun, typically by discounting Mario-related games on the day.

Origin of Mar10

Nintendo officially acknowledged the day in 2016 when it released the "Celebrate Mar. 10 - Mario Day!" video. However, fans of the character had been informally celebrating for years previously (although it is unclear who first came up with the idea).


Happy Mar10 to all those who celebrate!
Yasss. I'm starting after work with the NES classics
Mar10 celebratory tweet with fan art
Mar10 celebratory tweet with fan art
Another Mar10 tweet celebrating Mario Kart through the years
Another Mar10 tweet celebrating Mario Kart through the years

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Updated March 10, 2023

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