What is an MBA computer?

MacBook Air

An MBA is a MacBook Air, an ultra-light and -thin Apple laptop. Apple originally introduced the MBA in January 2008 and continually releases new models with enhanced features.

The MBA is Apple's entry-level laptop designed to be powerful but lower-priced than the MacBook Pro (MBP). Apple typically offers a couple of different MBA models with every release, each boasting different specifications related to the computer's CPU, GPU, and storage capacity.

You might encounter MBA in various places online, including social media or messaging with a techie. However, you will most likely see it in tech-related forums, especially Apple ones.


I can't pick between an MBA or MBP. WDYT?
You should go with an MBA, the MBP would be over-kill
An open MBA
An open MBA

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Updated January 14, 2022

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