Menu Anxiety

What is menu anxiety?

Anxiousness about ordering at a restaurant

Menu anxiety is the nervous feeling that accompanies ordering from a menu at a restaurant. It typically derives from the exorbitant cost of a meal, difficulty finding something desirable, or regret about the ordered item.

While anyone may experience menu anxiety, Gen Zers (or Zoomers) are the most likely generation to experience menu anxiety (the term gained prominence in 2022-23). Many researchers and psychologists attribute this to their lack of social development due to being immersed in technology and the effects of covid isolation.

While menu anxiety may happen when ordering online or in a drive-thru, people typically experience it at an actual restaurant. For example, you may be reviewing a menu with your friend, and she says, "Oh my gosh, these choices are too overwhelming. Can you just pick one for me? I know I'm gonna pick a bad choice with my menu anxiety."


Yvonne got so nervous at the restaurant that she asked me to order for her when the server came and she bolted for the restroom
Wow. Talk about menu anxiety
Tiktoker sharing about menu anxiety
Tiktoker sharing about menu anxiety

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Updated January 29, 2024

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