What is mgmt short for?


Mgmt is a common abbreviation for "management" people may use in business and IT, such as network or server management. For example, after receiving a memo from corporate that they have suspended bonuses, you may message your co-worker, "mgmt really knows how to kill our spirits, huh."

Most people use the "mgmt" abbreviation in messages, which include emails, online messages, and texts. Additionally, they often use it to refer to bosses and other positions focused on managing employees (likely in a complaining manner).

However, people may also use it in reference to managing something. For example, you might complain, "I can't believe he thinks he's the most qualified for the job, especially after his mgmt of his last case."

MGMT band name

MGMT is also the name of an alternative rock band out of Middletown, Connecticut. The band features Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, and they released their first album Oracular Spectacular in 2006.


Have you contacted mgmt about changing ur work schedule?
Yeah. Still haven't heard anything back, though
People often use mgmt in messages, like emails and texts
People often use mgmt in messages, like emails and texts

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Updated August 7, 2023

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