What is an MDM system used for?

Mobile device management

MDM is an acronym that stands for "Mobile device management," which is a system utilized to manage and secure mobile devices and computers used by employees. It is typically implemented in corporate environments by an IT department for employees that are working remotely.

Mobile device management provides IT administrators with control over the devices that connect to a corporate network and offer security features that protect data the devices send and receive. Some primary functions of MDM include securing the transmission of emails and documents on the device, configuring various mobile devices to integrate with each other, troubleshooting issues remotely, and monitoring and tracking company equipment.

MDM software may be implemented on-premise at the company's headquarters or in the cloud. It is an essential system for larger companies to securely and efficiently allow their employees to perform work remotely, which is helpful for people that need to WFH or be at a remote site related to their job.


Thankfully, we already had our MDM set up by the time COVID-19 hit us.

WFH made possibly by MDM

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Updated April 3, 2020

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