What does MMM stand for in StarCraft 2?

Marine, Marauder, Medivac

StarCraft 2 (SC2) players use MMM as shorthand for Marine, Marauder, Medivac. This acronym refers to a Terran strategy centered around building squads of Medivacs (air transports with healing capabilities), Mauraders (heavy infantry units), and Marines (light infantry units). Buffed by various upgrades, these squadrons are able to take on most other factions' forces.

You're most likely to see MMM used on various SC2 forums, as players discuss the Marine, Marauder, Medivac strategy and various counters to it. On these forums, you may also see MMM referred to as 3M.


MMM is so strong in the mid-game
Yeah, but it's beatable if you focus on taking out the Medivacs
A returning SC2 player asking whether MMM is still good
A returning SC2 player asking whether MMM is still good

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Updated June 27, 2023

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