What kind of hairstyle is a mohawk?

Middle hair strip with both sides of head shaved

Mohawk is a hairstyle where a person shaves their head but leaves a middle strip of hair they often spike up with product. The name comes from the Native American Mohawk nation, although it is not a true depiction of their hairstyle.

The modern mohawk hairstyle was popularized by the 1939 film Drums Along the Mohawk, and then adopted as a symbol of non-conformity later in the 20th century. The style became so popular that its symbolism of non-conformity became ironic.

Due to its popularity, the style spawned other hairstyles, such as "deathhawk' and "dreadhawk." Another popular variation was the "fauxhawk," or "fohawk," which did not include shaved sides.


I came home from my friend's house with a mohawk and got grounded
Yikes. That's lame

Cool blue mohawk with snake design on the side

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Updated February 24, 2023

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