What are moots on social media?

People you follow on social media who follow you back

On social media, your moots are the people you follow who follow you back. Moots is an abbreviated form of the term mutuals, which means the same thing.

Where is moots used?

Moots is most often used on social media platforms that track users' follower numbers and allow asymmetric following, such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. On these platforms, users can follow (most) any other user, but there is no requirement for users to friend or follow each other back.

Thus, when two users become moots, it shows that they like each other's style and/or content. Becoming moots with someone you like but have never met in person can be a big deal, as it allows you to create an online friendship that may lead to you becoming irls (or at the very least, exchanging DMs).


Moots can feel free to DM me about this if they're interested
A Twitter user trying to find more moots
A Twitter user trying to find more moots

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Updated April 27, 2021

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