N/C has 2 meanings
1. What does N/C stand for?

No comment

When asked about your opinion and you don't have anything helpful or nice to say, send "N/C." The acronym stands for "no comment" and is a tried and true way to avoid trouble.

Most people use N/C in text messages or when messaging online, like on social media or in chatrooms. They may also use the "NC" and "{}" slang, as well.

An example of when you might use N/C is when you are asked about who would be the best presidential candidate, but you just don't care. Or, you might be asked by a friend if her nose job is good, and you don't want to be honest about how terrible it is. Be judicious when you do use N/C because people may take the silence as a clear sign of disapproval.


I picked my scab off yesterday
Uh, n/c

Uhhhh, N/C

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Updated December 17, 2021
2. What does N/C stand for?

Not cool

Something that's N/C is "not cool." This acronym is used to express disdain for or disapproval of someone else's actions.

Specifically, people tend to use N/C when another person's actions offend them. N/C can also be written as NC.


Hey, that was N/C man

Andy Bernard is the king of N/C

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Updated January 21, 2021

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