What is a nark?

An informant

A "nark" is a person who tells on someone else to an authority figure. The secret they share may be small or significant, and the authority may be a parent, employer, police officer, etc. For example, a nark may be a boy who tells on his brother that he took an extra cookie, or a nark may be a politician who reveals a long-reaching blackmail scheme.

While most people use nark as a noun, they may also use it as a verb. For example, a frustrated employee may exclaim, "I'm going to nark on him!"

Origin of nark

Various sources claim the slang term "nark" may have originated from multiple places. One of the most prominent explanations traces back to the Romany definition for nark as "nose" (as in putting your nose in someone's business and blabbing information). Another explanation is that it is a spelling variation of narc, which comes from "narcotics" (a narcotics officer or an informant who works for a narcotics officer).


That guy is such a nark. He should keep his mouth shut
Fo sho

When you find out your sister shared your deepest and darkest secret

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Updated June 13, 2024

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