What is a narc?

A person who shares secrets

Narc is a person who tells on someone else to get them in trouble. The term comes from "narcotics officer," a person who gets people arrested on drug-related charges, sometimes by having informants on the street work for them.

You may hear or see people use narc in different contexts. For example, your friend may message or verbally tell you, "Watch out for those narcs!" as a joke before you go to a college party. While people often use it regarding drugs, they may use it about anything wrong (big or small) a person may have done.

People may also use narc as a verb. For example, you might text your friend, "i don't trust gina. she might narc on you." You may also see people spell narc as nark.


Don't be a narc. Everyone's doing it
No thanks. I'm good, man. I won't say anything. I'm just not gonna do it

Good question for those people you don't trust

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Updated June 13, 2024

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