What does NCO stand for in StarCraft 2?

Nova Covert Ops

StarCraft 2 players use NCO as shorthand for Nova Covert Ops, the final SC2 expansion pack. This single-player expansion contained nine new SC2 missions, initially released as three separate DLC packs. These days, SC2 players can purchase and install all of NCO as a single bundle.

In NCO's missions, players follow ghost agent Nova Terra, as she investigates an insurrectionist Terran group known as the Defenders of Man. Players control Nova in each of NCO's inter-connected missions, and in several of them, players lose if Nova dies.


I really loved the stealth elements of NCO
Yeah, they were a nice twist on the typical SC2 gameplay
An SC2 player asking about an NCO mission on Reddit
An SC2 player asking about an NCO mission on Reddit

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Updated September 19, 2023

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