What does NLHE mean in online poker?

No Limit Hold 'Em

Online poker players use NLHE to refer to No Limit Texas Hold 'Em. NLHE is one of the most popular poker variants, so you're likely to encounter this acronym on a variety of poker playing websites and poker discussion forums. In some cases, you may also see No Limit Hold 'Em abbreviated as NLH.

Other NLHE-related acronyms

Before you start playing NLHE online, you should likely become familiar with other poker-related acronyms, including BB, SB, PF, and AI. That way, you'll be able to focus on playing tight, rather than deciphering poker-related slang. You can find a list of even more poker acronyms below.


I love how exciting a hand of NLHE can get. There's nothing like it
A NLHE discussion on Reddit
A NLHE discussion on Reddit

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Updated February 2, 2022

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