1. What does SB stand for in football?

Super Bowl

SB stands for "Super Bowl," the NFL championship game and one of the most significant sporting events in the world. People may also add Roman numerals after the SB to indicate the Super Bowl number (e.g., "SBLVIII" for "Super Bowl 58").

The SB pits the winner of the NFC and AFC against each other to determine who the champion of the NFL is for that year. The SB began on January 15th, 1967, and has occurred yearly.

Tom Brady has won the most Super Bowls (7) of any player in NFL history. At the same time, the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are tied for the most of any team (6).


Who won SB LVII?
The Kansas City Chiefs!
The logo for Super Bowl 58 (LVIII), which Nevada hosts on February 11, 2024
The logo for Super Bowl 58 (LVIII), which Nevada hosts on February 11, 2024

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Updated December 20, 2023
2. What does SB stand for?

Stolen bases

A baseball statistic that refers to the number of bases a player has stolen.

A player steals a base often by leading off the base he is on when the pitcher has the ball, then begins to run to the next base as the pitcher pitches the ball. Once the catcher gets the ball, he tries to throw out the runner before he gets to the base. If he is thrown out, it is recorded as CS.


He's got 5 SB in 3 games, pretty impressive!

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Updated October 1, 2014
3. What does SB stand for?

Should be

SB stands for "should be," which may be used in a sentence or as a standalone response to affirm some type of claim.

It is an obscure acronym, mostly used by slang-savvy teens to save time and characters when texting or on social media. It is so rare that if you do see the "SB" acronym, you will most likely only see it in the context of sports to stand for "Super Bowl" (football) or "stolen bases" (baseball).

If you do see it used as "should be" it may come in a variety of contexts. Some examples include when simply answering in the affirmative to a question about where an item is located or when as part of a sentence describing your intention to do something.


I sb at the game tonight, but I might be a little late
SB means
SB means Should be

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Updated January 20, 2021
4. What does SB stand for in online poker?

Small blind

Online poker players use SB to stand for "small blind." The small blind is a forced bet that the player seated to the dealer's immediate left must put into the pot before a hand begins. Generally, the SB is equal to half the minimum bet required to play a hand.

Why do some poker games use blinds?

Flop-style poker games, such as Texas hold 'em and Omaha, don't force players to ante each hand. Instead, these games force players to pay blinds (SB and BB) once per round. This encourages players to bet on at least some hands, so they can continue paying their blinds. However, players can also fold most bad hands without losing money.

How do SB and BB work in heads-up poker?

In heads-up poker, in which only two players remain in the game, the player who is acting as the dealer (aka "on the button") pays the SB. The other player pays the BB.


What's the SB amount at this table?

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5. What does SB stand for?

Smiling back

When messaging, you might send "SB" (or <SB>) to a person to tell them you are smiling back. Most people send it as a response to someone who sends a smile (s).

SB is obscure since most people send text emotions (e.g., :) or =]), emojis or animated GIFs to show that they are smiling. However, before support for emojis and GIFs was added to messaging channels via cell phones and the Internet, SB was more common.

While most people send it in response to someone else showing that they are smiling, they may also send it to show acknowledgment or thankfulness. For example, if your friend thanks you for helping him move, you might reply with "SB."


The play was great. You were so convincing!
Thanks for the nice message. <SB>

The Rock SB

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Updated December 6, 2022

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