What does it mean to be notifried?

Tired of receiving notifications

Notifried is when you are worn down by all the notifications you receive. For example, the notifications may alert you about unread messages, social media posts, overdue bills, the status of smart devices, app updates, appliance maintenance, etc.

As people have integrated their lives with technology through smartphones, the Internet, and home automation, they have become fatigued by the constant barrage of notifications. For example, they may receive a text, then a reminder to shut their garage door, and a DM through Twitter in a matter of seconds.

Many notifried users have muted notifications to combat their fatigue. However, others have taken it further by disconnecting their phones from smart devices or deleting apps altogether.


How are you doing?
I'm notifried. Looking forward to vacation and getting away from it all

That notifried feeling

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Updated November 15, 2022

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