What are nuggies?

Chicken nuggets

Nuggies are delicious, golden, batter-fried pieces of chicken. They are a favorite among kids (and adults) as a safe option for the pickiest of eaters.

You may see or hear nuggies in various contexts, including online, in messages, and in person. For example, you may ask your sister what she wants at Mcdonald's, and she replies, "10 nuggies plz!"

Origin of nuggies

It is unclear who first started abbreviating "nuggies" as chicken nuggets, but it gained prominence in 2019, partially due to memes featuring Star Wars character Din Grogu (aka "Baby Yoda"). The spelling variation is one of many instances where people transform the word into "baby talk" to reflect their adoration. Some examples include tendies for chicken tenders, totes for "totally," adorbs for "adorable," and supes for "super."


im so hungry i could eat 25 nuggies
lets go get some

Din Grogu looking for all the nuggies

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Updated November 14, 2023

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