What are tendies?

Chicken tenders

When someone says they're craving tendies, it means they want to chow down on some chicken tenders. Tendies is typically used by kewl kids and those being ironic, in an attempt to make plain ol' chicken tenders seem exciting.

Oddly, however, tendies has acquired a related-yet-distinct meaning among so-called "retail investors," including the users of Reddit's r/WallStreetBets subreddit. Among those investors, tendies refers to financial gains. The "joke" is that these investors intend to use the entirety of their stock-related windfalls to purchase a smorgasbord of chicken tenders. During early 2021's epic GameStop stock rollercoaster ride, tendies' second meaning entered other people's lexicons.


Stock went up $27 bucks, that's three sets of McDonald's tendies. #winning

A delicious tendie

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Updated February 11, 2021

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