What is o short for in text messages and online?


O is an abbreviation for "oh" that people use online and in messages. Most people use it to express surprise, but it may also represent a range of emotions, including elation, disappointment, or anger.

For example, your friend may reply with "O" after you share that you can't make it to his bday party. In this instance, he uses "o" to convey disappointment. Or, if you have low self-esteem, you might think he's actually using it joyfully.

You will likely see this abbreviation online when messaging, in forums, and on social media. People may also use it when texting.


You see that the game was postponed due to rain?
Yeah, I'm bummed, too
I'm actually happy. I'm feeling tired and can go home and sleep now
Feel better!

Jim with the "o"

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Updated February 28, 2023

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