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1. What does OF stand for?


On social media, people often use the acronym OF to refer to OnlyFans, a content subscription service. OnlyFans connects content creators with their fans, allowing fans to pay a monthly fee to receive videos and images from creators.

While OnlyFans hosts a variety of content creators who create a variety of content, the platform is most famous for hosting creators who post and share sexually explicit content. When people talk about OF, they are most likely talking about the sexually explicit content shared on the platform.

Why was OnlyFans in the news in August 2021?

On August 19, 2021, OnlyFans founder Tim Stokely announced the platform would no longer host sexually explicit content. Stokely stated that OnlyFans was having trouble sending payments to content creators, because banks did not want to expose themselves to possible legal action by processing OnlyFans' transactions. To resolve this issue, Stokely stated OnlyFans creators would no longer be able to post sexually explicit content.

However, on August 25, OnlyFans reversed its position and stated creators could continue to post sexually explicit content. Apparently, OnlyFans found one or more banks willing to process its transactions, despite the platform's predilections.


I use OF to watch cooking videos, I swear.
The OF logo

The OF logo

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Updated August 25, 2021
2. What is of short for?


A sports abbreviation that represents the LF, CF, and RF baseball defensive positions; often used in fantasy baseball.


The Royals may have the best defensive OF in all of baseball!

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Updated October 31, 2014

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