Lady Boner

What does lady boner mean?

Female feeling of sexual arousal

When a woman says she has a lady boner, it means she's sexually aroused. This slang term became popular in the late 2000s, when female tweeters began using it to describe their thirst for sexy men and other objects of desire.

Specifically, lady boner is meant to describe the physical sensations a woman feels when aroused. These days, you'll see the term lady boner used on Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and TikTok, sometimes to discuss turn-ons other than just hot men. Gay or bisexual women, for example, may say a picture of a female hottie has given them a lady boner.


I spent an hour looking at shirtless pictures of Hugh Jackman, and I got such a lady boner
A post from the r/LadyBoners subreddit
A post from the r/LadyBoners subreddit

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Updated December 4, 2020

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