Soy Boy

What does soy boy mean?

A male who lacks traditional masculine traits

A soy boy is a male that does not possess "masculine" traits. It is a derogatory term and controversial, as well, since masculinity may be defined in many ways.

Where did soy boy come from?

There is no clear origin for soy boy, but one of the first documented examples comes from a 4/18/2017 post in a thread on the "/tv/" (television & film) board on the 4chan site. The name comes from soy-based food products that contain a high amount of phytoestrogen, which is similar to estradiol (a major female sex hormone). Some people believe that the consumption of soy-based food can make men more feminine.

Who uses soy boy?

Soy boy is a favorite insult used by the alt-right (rightists) and conservatives to criticize men who act "too feminine." They also use it to make fun of leftists and SJWs.

Examples of soy boy characteristics include not liking sports, driving electric cars to help the environment, simping, caring too much about their appearance (metrosexuals), eating organic foods, and being a feminist. You will typically see the term online in forums and on social sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.


Nate is such a soy boy. He lets women walk all over him
Not really, he's just considerate about their feelings
Soy boy meme
Soy boy meme

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Updated July 20, 2021

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