What does oneshot mean in gaming?

Beat in one attempt

When a gamer completes a level or defeats a boss in one try without dying, they may say they oneshot that level or boss. You're most likely to encounter this term in gaming chat, gaming-related forums, or on Twitch. It's typically used within expressions of excitement, exclaimed after a player oneshots a difficult level or boss.

Other meanings of oneshot

While gamers most often use oneshot as described above, you may also see oneshot used to mean:

  • A one-off RPG scenario, which can be started and finished in single session
  • A kill that a player made in a single shot (most often in an FPS or TPS)
  • A player who is one shot away from death (also typically in an FPS or TPS)


I oneshotted Iudex Gundyr in Dark Souls 3, but it was all downhill from there

TMW you oneshot an extremely hard boss

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Updated October 3, 2023

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