Onion Check

What does onion check mean?

To check the source of a news headline

A phrase that describes when you have to check the source of an absurd headline to see if it's real or not (from "The Onion").

The Onion is a satirical newspaper that creates crazy and hilarious stories to make fun of current events. Nowadays, it seems that news stories are becoming more and more bizarre, which makes it more difficult to tell what is real and what is fake. This is why the Onion check is becoming more important, because you don't want to look stupid and post a fake story on social media or reference a satirical article in your paper.


Did you know that Obama ordered an attack on Sweden?!?!
Uhh, you might want to do an Onion check on that
Headline from The Onion newspaper
Headline from The Onion newspaper
Another headline from The Onion newspaper
Another headline from The Onion newspaper

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Updated April 6, 2016

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