What is opp short for?


Opp is an abbreviation for "Opponent," which may be a person you are playing against in a competition or an adversary in real life. It is often used in text messages, on social media, and when gaming online.

In competition, an opp is someone who you want to defeat during a competitive match of some type. This could be an athletic competition, card game, board game, trivia, video game, etc. Typically, the competitiveness subsides when the competition is over. However, the fighting spirit may leak out and the participants may become rivals off the playing field. That's when you get a metal baton smashed into Nancy Kerrigan's knee by rival Tonya Harding's accomplice.

In real life (IRL), an opp may be a rival at work competing for the same promotion as you or a neighbor that seems too perfect. Or, in more serious cases, it could be a rival gang member or mobster. West Side Story and The Godfather are prime examples of violent opps that you would want to steer clear of or take out in a hurry.


PTL, I got the promotion and my opp Chad got fired for possession of weed!

When your biggest opp enters the match

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Updated April 23, 2020

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