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1. What does oppo mean in gaming?


Gamers use oppo as an abbreviation for opponent. You're most likely to see this term used in Twitch chat or gaming forums, when users are discussing a player's opponent or their gameplay.

For example, while watching a Twitch stream, you may see a user post "oppo clearly ghosting" in chat. This means the user thinks the streamer's opponent is watching the stream and using that information to gain an advantage.

In most discussions, the oppo is the "enemy," whom a player or their fans want to defeat. This can lead to gamers saying rude things about their (or their favorite streamers') oppos.


Oppo is the luckiest player I've ever seen. What a run of cards
Sometimes oppo just has it all
Sometimes oppo just has it all

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Updated October 21, 2022
2. What does oppo mean in baseball?

Opposite field

In baseball, "oppo" refers to the side of the field opposite to where a player would pull the ball when hitting. For example, a right-handed batter pulls the ball to the left side of the field, so the right side of the field is oppo for that batter.

Because batters tend to pull the ball, opposing teams often employ defensive shifts to move players into positions that can better field the ball. So, when a batter can go oppo with a pitch, they have an advantage over the defensive shift.

However, a batter's ability to go oppo relies on the pitch from the pitcher. It's harder to hit a ball oppo when it's an inside pitch (pitch close to the batter) but easier when the pitch is outside (away from the batter).


Trout hits a homer to make it 3-2!
Wow, his oppo power is impressive!

Right-handed batter hitting the ball oppo to the right side of the field

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Updated October 26, 2022

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