Passenger Princess

What is a passenger princess?

A woman whose boyfriend always drives her around

A passenger princess is a woman who enjoys being driven around by her BF. In their most pampered form, passenger princesses refuse to drive themselves, forcing their BF to drive whenever the two go out.

You're most likely to encounter passenger princesses on TikTok, flaunting their BFs' chivalry in short videos created from a car's passenger seat. You might also see videos in which:

  • Former passenger princesses lament the fact that, after breaking up with their BFs, they now have to drive themselves around
  • Women who don't understand the "passenger princess lifestyle" mock the concept by showing themselves driving or pumping gas


Personally, I'm fine with my GF being a passenger princess. I'm always scared when she drives
Passenger princess posting about her luxuries on TikTok
Passenger princess posting about her luxuries on TikTok

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Updated August 26, 2022

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