1. What does TWD stand for?

The Walking Dead

TWD is an acronym for "The Walking Dead," a popular zombie apocalypse TV show on AMC. It premiered on Halloween in 2010 and became one of TV's most popular dramas.

The show revolves around policeman Rick Grimes and his family as he bands together with other survivors to fight "walkers" and other humans. Some cast members include Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Scott Wilson, Danai Gurira, and Laurie Holden.


Did you watch the mid-season finale of TWD?
No I recorded it, don't tell me what happens!
AMC's popular show The Walking Dead
AMC's popular show The Walking Dead

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Updated December 7, 2017
2. What does TWD mean when texting?

Texting while driving

TWD is shorthand for the dangerous practice of texting while driving, which kills hundreds of people each year. This bad habit (also known as DWT) is especially common among teenagers who don't realize the dangers.

Most people will use TWD when texting, likely to scold others for taking part in the practice. For example, your friend may text, "I'll be there in 10 minutes," to which you reply, "Stop TWD! I'll see you in 10."

TWD is one of several acronyms and abbreviations related to texting. Other examples include A2T, emoji tennis, intexticated, fexting, and txtin.


Just call me back, stop TWD!
Aight. Sorry!

TWD is a really scary habit

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Updated December 11, 2023

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