What is perc30?

Oxycodone, commonly mixed with fentanyl

Perc30 is another name for a 30 mg pill of an oxycodone-based painkiller or street-created clone. Oxycodone is the primary narcotic ingredient included in Percocet, which is one of many opioids popular among those who abuse prescription drugs. While Percocet itself is not available in 30 mg doses, related 30 mg pills, including prescription and street clone oxycodone, are called perc30s.

In late 2020 and early 2021, police across the United States began encountering perc30 pills that contained fentanyl, which caused a number of overdose deaths.

What does perc30 look like?

Perc30 comes in many forms, but most often it is a blue pill that is stamped with an M on one side and a 30 on the other. Perc30 pills may also be white, green, or white flecked with green spots. Street clone perc30s may have rough edges or distorted stamps, though most look as authentic as prescription pills.

What are other names for perc30?

Perc30s may also be referred to as:

  • Oxy
  • Blues
  • Blue rounds
  • Blue boys
  • Percs
  • M30s
  • 512s
  • Kicker
  • Green ones

Smaller and larger oxycodone pills and clones may be referred to by their size. For example, 10 mg pills may be called perc10s, and 80 mg pills may be called perc80s.


After the perc30 hit I didn't feel a thing
Perc30s are many opioid abusers' DOC
Perc30s are many opioid abusers' DOC

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Updated April 2, 2021

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