What does POG mean when gaming?

Play of the game

When a gamer does something amazing in a match, he performs a "POG," which is the play of the game. The play typically involves an amazing feat and occurs at a critical juncture of the match to influence the outcome.

Where does POG come from?

Some millennials may associate POG with the collectible circular cardboard pieces from the 1990s. However, in this context, POG comes from "PogChamp," which Twitch viewers began using to express excitement in 2012. On October 26, 2011, streamer gootecks said the phrase "pog champions" while recording a promotion, and Twitch eventually associated an abbreviated version of the phrase with an emote featuring gootecks's face.

Over time, POG spawned the "poggers" term, which many gamers use to describe something awesome. Twitch also awarded poggers with an emote in 2017 that features a surprised Pepe the Frog.

Who uses POG?

Before Twitch, sports enthusiasts sometimes referred to the highlight of the game as the "POG." However, it is most commonly used by gamers in a streamer's (a person livestreaming an online game) chat on Twitch (and on the social site, TikTok) to react to an amazing feat. Unfortunately, it has become so overused that many people use POG sarcastically to refer to mundane things.


Sick! That was POG!

POG face

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Updated March 16, 2021

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