What is a Twitch emote?

Twitch-specific emoticon

Twitch emotes are Twitch-specific emoticons that users can enter in chat. Each emote is a tiny picture (often a face) linked to an emote code. When users enter an emote code in chat, the emote linked to that code appears. For example, entering :LUL: in Twitch chat will produce the LUL emote, which is a picture of a man laughing.

How do I get Twitch emotes?

All Twitch users have access to the platform's global emotes. To use these emotes, all a user must do is either enter the emote's emote code in chat or click the smiley face button that appears at the bottom of the Twitch chat box.

Many streamers offer custom emotes to their subs, which can be acquired only by subscribing to the streamer's channel. After you subscribe to a channel, you can use that channel's custom emotes across all of Twitch (even on channels other than the one you subscribed to).

What are some example Twitch emotes?

Many slang terms you might see in Twitch chat are also associated with emotes, including:

Many of these terms' emotes are global emotes. So, you can use the emotes in Twitch chat by entering their emote codes (e.g. :Kappa:).


How do I get those emotes people are using on SweetStreamer51's channel?
You have to subscribe, dude!
Emotes are lit
Emotes are lit

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Updated March 25, 2021

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