What does poggers mean on Twitch?


In Twitch chat, poggers means "cool" or "amazing." Viewers use this word and its related emote to express excitement when a streamer pulls off a sick move, secures a decisive victory, or does anything else that's hypeworthy.

Poggers is a derivative of the term PogChamp, which Twitch viewers began using to express excitement way back in 2012. On October 26, 2011, streamer gootecks said the phrase "pog champions" while cutting a promo, and Twitch eventually associated an abbreviated version of the phrase with an emote featuring gootecks's face. This excited-looking emote and the term PogChamp became popular methods of expressing shock, elation, or both.

Over time, the term PogChamp morphed into the word poggers. In 2017, poggers became popular enough to gain its own associated Twitch emote, featuring a surprised Pepe the Frog. Notably, most gamers agree that the word poggers expresses more excitement than PogChamp. So if a streamer's actions really astonished you, you'll want to spam poggers in the streamer's chat, rather than PogChamp.


I'm gonna go for it ... OMG, we did it! We won!
OMG poggers
So poggers
That was sick

A man who is about to type "poggers" in Twitch chat

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Updated December 10, 2020

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