What does PogChamp mean on Twitch?


Twitch viewers use PogChamp as an expression of excitement, shock, or elation. This term, and the Twitch emote it's associated with, originated in the early 2010s, within a promotional video from streamer gootecks.

What is the origin of PogChamp?

On October 26, 2011, gootecks said the phrase "pog champions" in a promotional video uploaded to YouTube (in which he played Pogs against fellow streamer Miek Ross). Twitch users shortened this phrase to PogChamp and began using it to express their surprise and enthusiasm in chat.

In 2012, Twitch created the PogChamp emote by associating the phrase with a picture of gootecks's face, looking excited. In 2021, Twitch replaced gootecks's face with the image from the KomodoHype emote, after gootecks expressed support for the 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol.

Variations of PogChamp

Over the years, Twitch users have created several variations of PogChamp, which mean largely the same thing. For example, you might see viewers enter POG or poggers in chat, which are derivatives of PogChamp.


great play
The original PogChamp emote
The original PogChamp emote

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Updated March 31, 2022

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