Cut A Promo

What does it mean to cut a promo?

Stage a promotional interview

To cut a promo means to stage an over-the-top promotional interview. This slang phrase is most often used in reference to professional wrestlers, who cut promos to advance storylines, trash-talk opponents, and get audiences hyped for important matches.

However, anyone who is in the entertainment business can cut a promo. For example, professional boxers, American football players, podcasters, and daytime talk show hosts all might cut promos. When delivered correctly, a promo can put an entertainer over, by giving audiences something emotional to connect to.

If a wrestler goes out of their way to trash-talk a rival during a promo, they are said to have "cut a promo on" that rival. For example, in the example promo shown below, Dusty Rhodes is cutting a promo on Ric Flair.


The Rock used to cut the best promos. None of these new wrestlers can work a mic like he did

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Updated December 9, 2020

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