What is pred short for?


Pred is an abbreviation for "predator," which may be someone who exploits others or simply an animal that preys on others. Typically, people use pred online or when texting.

People may use pred to refer to people in power who prey on others exploitatively. For example, people may label an old, rich man as a pred if he goes after young, naive women. Or, in business, a person may be a pred if they gobble up other vulnerable companies or business people.

Furthermore, people may use pred in gaming to refer to a seasoned gamer who devours noobs. For example, you may tell your buddy to watch out for advanced preds looking to crush you to collect points.

Finally, people may also use pred to simply refer to predators in the animal kingdom. Or, hockey fans may refer to the Nashville Predators as preds.


Watch out for him, he's a pred
I like a good challenge

Pred on the prowl

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Updated November 22, 2022

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