What does procrastibaking mean?

Baking to put off something else

Procrastibaking means baking to put off a chore or responsibility. A portmanteau of "procrastinating" and "baking," procrastibaking usually involves baking delicious desserts and other feel-good foods. These "guilty pleasures" provide procrastibakers a morale boost before they must, inevitably, complete the task they're putting off.

Older foodies procrastibake to put off adulting tasks, such as balancing their finances or cleaning their home or apartment. High school- and college-aged procrastibakers usually bake to avoid studying for a little while, and supply themselves with study-time snacks when they're eventually forced to hit the books.


Have you started that PPT yet?
No, I've been procrastibaking cookies and shortcake instead
The New York Times encourages procrastibaking
The New York Times encourages procrastibaking

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Updated October 13, 2020

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