Productivity Paranoia

What is productivity paranoia?

An unfounded fear that workers aren't working

Managers who are worried that their WFH workers aren't actually working are suffering from productivity paranoia. While these managers' employees are logging the same hours and completing tasks just as effectively as they did in-office, the managers just don't trust those metrics ...

Productivity paranoia might manifest in the form of additional (and unnecessary) check-ins, status report requirements, and monitoring activities - all of which may actually harm an employee's morale and productivity. If a manager's productivity paranoia grows too severe, it may cause their employees to quit, and look for a less stress-inducing position elsewhere.


My boss's productivity paranoia has reached new heights. We all had to install a keylogger on our computers this week
Man, that's unreasonable. You should quit
A Redditor sharing a headline about productivity paranoia
A Redditor sharing a headline about productivity paranoia

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Updated April 12, 2023

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