What is a prof in school?


Prof is a common abbreviation college students use to refer to their professors. For example, a student might rave about their favorite class to their friends by saying, "The prof is awesome. He facilitates discussion so well."

You will likely see or hear prof online, in messages, or in real life (IRL). For example, your friend may complain about a prof to you in a text, or you might see someone talk about a computer science prof in a post on a web forum or social site.

Profs typically hold a Ph.D. degree and teach in colleges or universities. However, private schools (and a fictitious school named "Hogwarts") may also refer to their teachers as professors (or profs).


I love my biology prof this semester
Who do you have?
Ms. Brophy
She was great!
Prof tweet
Prof tweet

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Updated March 27, 2023

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